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The boats OBECO builds are the same boats that both Darryl and Dale O’Brien (OBECO founders and current owners) have paddled and raced over the years from 1973 to 1992 including participation in seven world whitewater championships, numerous world cups in Canada, USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and throughout Europe, which includes the pre-Olympics (1991 in Seo d'urel site for Barcelona 1992). Darryl and Dale have also played in every world championship for canoe polo from 1994 to 2002 (5-worlds held every second year since 1994). The brothers were also at the 2004 World Canoe Polo Championships in Miyoshi Japan. Darryl was the coach of the men’s team and Dale was the assistant coach to the women and U21 teams.
Darryl (front) and Dale (back) at Jeff’s Joy
during World Cup Slalom in New Zealand
Polo action in Portugal ‘98 of Dale taken at
the 1998 World Canoe Polo Championships
in Averio, Portugal in a game against Japan
Dale and Darryl:
1999 Continental Cup
in Los Angeles, USA

What We Do

OBECO was born of necessity, in a time when composite boats, made from layers of cloth-like materials and resin, could only be found in Europe.  It began as a way to promote kayak paddling by making your own boats in local clubs. The cost of materials and an interest in whitewater racing, which led to a need for lighter stronger and stronger boats, fueled OBECO’s shift from a supplier of composite materials to a manufacturer and designer of composite boats for a wide variety of self-propelled boating needs. Even though much of the recreational kayaking industry is focused on plastic boats for durability, OBECO remains a source for light-weight high strength composite boats that offer unequaled performance in a liquid medium whether its in a sea-kayak, open canoe, whitewater racing boats, or a canoe polo kayak.
OBECO Whitewater Products 10385 - 60 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 1H1
Dale at (780)982-1315 or Darryl at (780)982-1250   Fax: (780)463-0612
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