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  Adventure Racing Boats
Many adventure races which can involve various activities, include paddling under a different conditions, be it a flat lake or moving water, even with some rapids. The choice of boat depends on condition of the race and the experience of the racer. Wildwater kayaks, 4.5 m in length, completely enclosed except for the cockpit opening which can be sealed with a spray skirt, represent a great class of boats for adventure racing and training for adventure races involving paddling. Experienced international wildwater racers can navigate their boats down Class IV rapids. Under less stringent conditions the kayaks are stable and fast making them a good choice for adventure racing or training. OBECO has several different designs of these specialized racing kayaks.
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  Slalom Boats
The sport of whitewater slalom racing is the origin of this type of boat which can be either a kayak or decked canoe. The basic differences are that the paddler sits in kayak, while kneeling in canoe and paddles with double-bladed paddle in the kayak compared to the C-boater who uses a single blade. We have several different designs of slalom racing kayaks that may be of interest to clubs wishing to promote this area of paddling.
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  Polo Boats
Canoe polo kayaks are primarily used to play the game of canoe polo which is a team sport not unlike water polo itself, and using a water polo ball that is passed among five team members for each team on a swimming pool sized playing area, to score on goals located at opposite ends of the playing area. Canoe polo can be played in pools in the winter months or outside on ponds in the summer. OBECO has been active in the promotion of this sport which is great way to acquire or improve kayaking skills while "having a ball". We have a range of polo kayaks suitable for kids, all the way up to those in excess of 100kg. In addition, we have a full line of polo accessories including helmets with masks , paddles, personal flotation devices (specially designed for canoe polo), spray decks and replacement bumpers for boats.
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  Composite Freestyle Boats
Coming from a racing background, we developed a certain appreciation for light boats. A couple of years ago, OBECO decided to experiment with a design for a composite freestyle kayak. The result was called the Manta, weighing in at around 9 kg, it is easy to pack into places where the water is great, but the access may not be. This a great surfing boat and you can practise those wheels with minimum difficulty on flat water. A second version was also designed, a scaled down Manta that weighs 7kg called "Mini-Manta". This has proved to be a great play boat for kids up to 13 and small women who have difficulty in heavier, larger boats.
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  C-1 and C-2 Boats
Consistent with our origin as a manufacturer of whitewater boats, we also have several designs for whitewater C-1s and C-2s which would be excellent for recreational whitewater competition or river-running. This list includes several whitewater slalom C-1s and C-2s as well as several wildwater designs for each class of boat.
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  Canoes & Sea Kayaks
If you are interested in trip down the Nahanni River or even a lesser adventure, we had two open canoes that may be of interest. Both boats are whitewater hulls, meaning they have no keel. One, called a Rocky Mountain Cruiser, is a very old and proven design for a 16 ft canoe. With a 34 inch beam and moderate chines (meaning rounded sides) it is a stable boat for two paddlers and a weekend of gear. The other canoe design is called Whitewater tripper that has a 37 inch beam, higher sides, high ends and a little flatter bottom which makes it a great boat for running rapids or for longer expeditions. If customers have an interest to do their own woodwork, we will produce a hull for you to finish. We also make a solo open playboat called Challenger. OBECO has designed one sea kayak called Discovery. It is an expedition kayak, 19ft long with enough rocker to maneuver on a river. It has large storage openings front and back into spacious sealed storage compartments.
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