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Available Layups:

OBECO has decided for various reasons, including the vapor from vinyl ester to produce only two layups for canoe polo kayaks. These will be a polyester resin layup and an epoxy resin layup. We will no longer use vinyl ester in production, except in our freestyle kayaks and in sea kayaks or canoes for which our production is small. Our major production relates to canoe polo kayaks for which the following layups will be available.

1. Polyester resin and glass including cloth, mat and roving fibre to produce an economy layup suitable for the budget minded or as a club boat. By special order, we can also put kevlar or other exotic fabrics into the layup as an option if desired.

2. Epoxy resin combined with carbon, carbon/kevlar or kevlar and glass roving (for stiffness) will be used to produce an exceptionally durable canoe polo kayak that will weigh 10-11kgs. Gelcoat, used as the outer layer in the past will be replaced in the hull by a 4 oz S-glass- epoxy- impregnated layer to eliminate delamination between gelcoat and fabric below. This will produce a solid epoxy hull. We will continue to use gelcoat in the deck with a binder layer so that we can produce custom colors in the deck. This layup will come in only a fabric colored hull, ie., carbon, carbon/kevlar or kevlar, depending on what layer is selected by the purchaser to lay under the initial clear epoxy-S-glass layer.

Canoe polo kayaks will come ready to play in a game. Adjustable "maxi-Keepers" footrests will be standard, and Badger aluminum footbraces may be ordered as a option for $35 extra. Footrests will be installed. Bumpers will come installed on the bow and stern. Each design normally has a standard seat which may come in several different sizes. Paddlers will be asked to specify the seat of choice. An optional sliding seat which allows the paddler to easily adjust the trim of the boat to match paddler weight, is available for an additional $125. All prices are in Canadian dollars and shipping is FOB Edmonton , Alberta , Canada . Note that prices are subject to change without notice.
All these prices include bumpers on the bow and stern, footrests installed. The boat will come ready to play in. Buyers will have a choice of two colors, additional colors are $10.00 extra. There will also be an additional charge for built-in graphics, costs are subject to change without notice. All prices are FOB Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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