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  Helmets $120.00/each 
Composite helmets can be made from 5 different designs for variable head sizes.  Cages are
welded from mild steel wire and plastic coated.  The helmets comes with foam padding, adjustable straps and cage attached. Choice of color.  Will do team orders.

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   PFD's $145.00/each 
OBECO is a dealer for PEAKUK canoe polo gear in North America. Team sets with custom colors can be ordered.
XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL; choice of color.

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   Spray Decks $130.00/each 
We have a good selection of Snap Dragon spray decks for canoe polo kayaks and slalom kayaks as well as a larger size for freestyle and whitewater kayaks.  These decks are constructed from suprex reinforced neoprene with a shock cord sewn onto the deck, a very durable and reliable spraydeck

Spray Decks
  Canoe Polo Paddles $385.00 - $530.00/each 
In addition to a limited number of older design
Double Dutch canoe polo paddles with a Kevlar reinforcing around the blade, we also have a good slection of the new Double Dutch Kinetic blade and the new Energy blade. The Kinetic blades do not have (or need) a kevlar edging, while the Energy blades do have the Kevlar edging.  These blades can be mounted on either a Lendal carbon/Kevlar shaft or
a carbon shaft. $385.00/each

We also have Bracsa polo paddles in three shapes, kinetic, asymmetrical and double diamond. These paddles come with Bracsa shafts, one hand grip and heat shrink. $430/each.

OBECO can also supply Lettmann canoe polo paddles which are uniquely fabricated with the blade and shaft as one, with the shaft being joined in the centre.  Full
carbon-epoxy construction, the absolute strongest paddle can get.  $530/each
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“Signature Blades by Clyde”
“Signature Blades by Clyde” come in three shapes, the Eclipse which is a traditional asymmetric shape, the Kinetic, in a kinetic shape (also asymmetrical) and the Maxigem which is similar to a kinetic shape, but is a wider blade. The paddles are constructed with a foam core and carbon fibre cloth. A flat drive face in the transverse plane and smooth edges produce a very smooth action through the water. The paddles also have a relatively flat back that facilitates ball handling on either face of the paddle and the
action in the water.
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For more information about Canoe Polo:

- Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers
- Canadian Canoe Polo
- USA Kayak Polo Association
- International Canoe Federation
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